Bangalore MLA’S performance and perceptions

Dear Fellow Bangalorean, Greetings from B.PAC! B.PAC presents the results of the independent survey done by Daksh, titled ‘Bangalore MLAs: Performance and Perceptions’. This is in fulfilment of its commitment to monitor the performance of MLAs made to Bangaloreans last year. The study is about voter perceptions and is based on interviews done with 4167 residents across…

Bangalore, a city of unkept promises – By Stanely Pinto

STARTREK  Bangalore,a city of unkept promises PROMINENT BANGALOREANS GO DOWN MEMORY LANE  STANLEY PINTO  Iam a Bangalorean of a mere 18 years.We decided to live here because with its growing Information Technology and Advanced Computer Engineering industries,we expected Bangalore would evolve into an international city in a way that others couldn’t.It has of course,but mostly…

Engaging with the commissioner of Police

Over the  last one month B.PAC and B.SAFE members met  with  the Police Commissioner on four different occasions, once with Mr. Auradhkar and thrice with  Mr. M N Reddi, the new Commissioner of Police, to discuss various aspects of the Agenda of a Safe City and reinforce the need for putting in place more stringent…

Petition for a Safe Bangalore

In response to the recent spate of crimes against women and children during the past couple of months, B.PAC launched an online petition on and urged citizens to participate in the petition for a “Safe City” under its B.SAFE program. Eight key recommendations have been included in the petition. The aim is to mobilize…

Unsung heroes at Traffic Signals

We are not only a pressure group, B.PAC would also like to acknowledge the struggles and extraordinary service by several individuals in various areas that keep our city humming. One such is the exemplary service by some of our unsung heroes at traffic signals. B.PAC and the World Peacekeepers Movement, in association with the Bangalore…

Memorandum to the chief minsiter for a Safe City

The increasing number of crimes against women and children being reported these past few weeks is very worrying for citizens  while also showing the city in an unfavourable light. Though Bangalore has the dubious distinction of being the third safest city in India, people of the city are now living in fear, constantly worrying about…

B.SAFE Press Conference: Adopting the agenda for a safe city

B.PAC organized a press conference along with Dr. Kiran Bedi on 17th July 2014 at ESV Hall, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. The press conference was organized with the intention of calling for a Special Session in the Assembly to discuss and adopt the Agenda for a Safe City and for immediate implementation of the key recommendations…

Team B.CLIP visit to Jakkur Lake

Participants from  Batch 1 and 2   B.CLIP visited Jakkur Lake on 29 June 2014 as part of their on field learning activity. Spread over 140 acres, it is one of the largest and cleanest water bodies in Bangalore which today has less than 34 lakes compared to over 280 lakes half a century ago. The…

Congratulations to the winners of Loksabha 2014 elections

There was much anticipation for the results of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. All parties had fielded good candidates with track record in their respective fields. The Bangalore South constituency, a keenly contested, nationally watched battle between Ananth Kumar, a five time MP and Nandan Nilekani a familiar face within the urban educated middle class,…

Team B.PAC meets with the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka

Making Bangalore a better and safer city has been a key agenda for B.PAC. We have been tirelessly working to create collaborative partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals to further the cause. On 21 June 2014, B.PAC members including Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (on phone), Mohandas Pai, Revathy Ashok, Anil Shetty and Sharath Shroff met the…

B.PAC endorsed Dr. Gururaj Karajagi for Bangalore Teacher’s constituency elections

BPAC chose to endorse Dr. Gururaj Karajagi from the Bangalore Teachers Constituency election as we felt that a forward looking thinker should represent the noble teaching community in the council. Dr.Karajagi was a reputed educationist and most eminent among the contestants in fray who contested as an Independent. He had an unblemished record as a…

Inauguration of B.CLIP Batch 2

The B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program (B.CLIP) seeks to encourage passionate and concerned citizens to enter public service. The idea is to create a new cadre of civic leaders who will successfully drive and scale civic initiatives at the grassroots level, and create transformative change in our communities through good governance. The 8th of June,…

Team B.CLIP visit to Maltose Plant

It is B.PAC’s endeavor to constantly provide practical learning opportunities  to the B.CLIP participants  so that the same can then be applied  in their field projects. 25 participants  from  Batch1 visited the Maltose Agri Products Private Ltd. Wet Waste Processing Centre at Doddaballapur on 4 June 2014. T. Anand, the Managing Director of the plant,…

Exhorting Citizens to Vote!

B.PAC in association with Radio One 94.3 FM organised a month long Radio Campaign to sensitise citizens on the importance of exercising their franchise. A show named Bangalore Vision 2020 in which Eminent citizens of Banaglore  like Justice Santhosh Heghde and few of the B.PAC core committee members shared their vision and aspirations on Bangalore’s…

What are the party manifestos? (The Party Manifestos- the Heart of the Matter)

B.PAC provided a single platform to share manifestos, as is, of all four major parties so citizens could access and understand for themselves what each party was offering. Please click on the links below: ●     AAP manifesto ●     BJP manifesto ●     INC manifesto ●     JDS manifesto

B.PAC endorses Bangalore candidates for parliamentary election 2014

The candidates fielded by the major parties met the criteria that were listed down by B.PAC. We are happy to have supported the following candidates. The endorsed candidates were supported with a grant of Rs. 4 lakhs each. Constituency BJP INC AAP JD(S) Bangalore North DV.Sadananda Gowda C.Narayana Swamy Prof.Babu Mathew Abdul Azeem Bangalore Central PC…

B.PAC Endorsement Process for Bangalore’s MP candidates

The three predominantly urban constituencies – Bangalore North, Bangalore Central and Bangalore South were chosen. Of the 63 candidates, 12 were shortlisted on the said criteria and invited for a ‘Meet the Citizens’ interaction.

Meet the MP Candidates

B.PAC believes in enabling all voters with information before they cast their vote. We had organised interactions in the three constituencies where candidates from leading parties shared their plans and interacted with citizens and citizen groups. The discussion involved

Creating Future City Leaders

It is said, “Leaders aren’t born. They are made.” The first batch of B.CLIP, the civic leadership programme has completed and students have gained a significant understanding of local politics and city administration. This is an important milestone in our journey, and strengthens our focus on improving the quality of decision makers.

Candidates Meet the Citizens’ for the Bangalore North Parliamentary Constituency

Candidates C Narayanaswamy (INC), Babu Mathew (AAP) and Abdul Azeem (JDS) were present at this interaction along with around 450 citizens. This debate was high on energy levels as points made by the candidates were crisp and witty. BJP candidate and former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sadananda Gowda was not present.

Candidates Meet the Citizens’ for the Banalore Central Parliamentary Constituency

The discussion was moderated by K Jairaj, after an introduction by Harish Narasappa, B.PAC. The panel comprised of contestants from leading parties for Bangalore Central Parliamentary Constituency – Nandini Alva (JDS), P C Mohan (BJP), Rizwan Arshad (INC) and V. Balakrishnan (AAP).

Candidates Meet the Citizens’ for the Bangalore South Parliamentary Constituency

The Bangalore South interaction was the high octane first of the three organised debates and had the following candidates participating — Ananth Kumar (BJP), Ruth Manorama (JDS), Nandan Nilekani (INC) and Nina Nayak (AAP). It was well attended with over a 1000 citizens and supporters. The discussion was moderated by K. Jairaj and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the President of B.PAC.

How did the sitting MPs perform?

B.PAC aims at encouraging and facilitating citizens to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the candidates they want to see as elected representatives. There is a crying need to sensitize ourselves as citizens on the issues and factors that we should keep in mind while exercising our franchise.

Vote for a Better Bangalore

This initiative was organised by the B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Program (B.CLIP), Batch I participants, “Vote for a Better Bangalore” was a door to door campaign to sensitize the importance of voting during the Lok Sabha Elections. The campaign was conducted in five wards on different days and residents were encouraged to exercise their franchise….

Transforming Cities

B.PAC organised an interaction with Justice Santosh Hegde, Dr K Kasturirangan and Isher Ahluwalia on the challenges of urbanisation at the release of the latter’s book ‘Transforming Our Cities’. The session was moderated by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and K Jairaj.

A Safer Bengaluru – for all, at all times

Thousands of Bangaloreans joined B.PAC in a walk on International Women’s Day this March 8, and reinforced their commitment for a city safe for women. Read More ►

The 11 pm Debate: Extending the closing hours for the city’s restaurants and shops will increase the number of people in public spaces at late hours and make it safer too! Read More ►

Peace Auto Awards: On 16th March, the World Peacekeepers Movement and UN along with B.PAC organized the ‘Peace Auto Awards’ event for good services to passengers, to promote peaceful relations between auto drivers and passengers, ensuring passenger safety and to recognize role models amongst auto drivers.

Insights into Governance and Policy

Knowledge and skills in public policy analysis, municipal administration, political landscape and election campaigns are key to resolving urban challenges. BPAC organised workshops and roundtables raise the level of discourse in the public sphere.

Public policy workshop by MP Jay Panda covered various topics ranging from the role of an MP to opportunities in the field of public policy. Read More ►

Meeting with Consul General of US: 28th February saw a bunch of B.PAC members and BCLIP participants interacting with Jennifer McIntyre, Consul General of US. Read More ►

A Governance Dialogue with British MPs: B.PAC, in association with British High Commission in Bangalore organized a conversation between British MPs, MLAs from Karnataka and local stakeholders on 21 Feb 2014. This conversation saw the politicians from both countries sharing their views on democracy, citizen’s participation in government and urban development challenges.

Analysis of Karnataka State Budget, 2014

Karnataka state budget for the year 2014-15 was presented on 14 Feb 2014.
Since strengthening the finances of the local body and other city agencies is one of our key focus areas, B.PAC members and city experts analysed the state budget and highlighted the implications on planning and devolution of power in an interactive Google Hangout session on 20 Feb 2014.

Engaging Citizens

The One Million Vote Campaign: In February, B.PAC initiated a campaign aimed at a massive increase in young people getting registered. Read More ►

Rate your MPs and MLAs: B.PAC in partnership with I for India (, has initiated to a project to rate your MPs and MLAs on their performance and make your voice heard by people.


Mayor B.S. Sathyanarayana of Bangalore lights the lamp to begin the inaugural session of B.CLIP on 6th December 2013 THE B.CLIP SPECIALWe are 9.6 million Bangaloreans standing at crossroads. We can either choose to build a city on the foundations of transparency, accountability and sustainable development or we can lead ourselves into a city of…