To create a pool of good civic leaders who will actively engage in ward level management and administration of the city to improve its governance.


Short Term Goal

To train, develop and prepare the participants of this program to be ready to participate in the political process leading up to the 2015 BBMP elections.

Long Term Goals

To motivate citizens to enter public service in order to ensure adequate leadership capacity to govern the city better
To create a cadre of good civic leaders who

    • Have an interest in public service
    • Understand the complexities and dynamics of managing a ward, a city and their activities
    • Will engage with citizens and work on ward-wise inputs for city improvement
    • Aspire to public offices in the city
    • Will govern with capability and integrity
    • Will act as representatives of citizens in the interaction with the political leadership of the city
    • Will participate in the political process to improve governance

About the Program

The B.CLIP program is designed to equip participants with the theoretical as well as practical knowledge on urban and municipal governance in Bangalore. 100 participants will be selected through a defined selection procedure and will be divided into batches to go through the program. The program will commence from December 2014.

The program will include 2 phases – Training and On-field work

Phase Period Details
Phase 1: Training 3 months (2 days a week/96 hours of training/ conducted on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings) 3 Tracks of training- Theory track | Practice track | Field track
Theory track: Basics of theory and knowledge that underpins urban governance
Understanding urbanization, policy engineering, economic reasoning 101, decision making in government, ethics of public leadership and more
Practice track: Practical aspects of city administration, politics and electoral dynamics; Agenda for Bangalore; municipal setup; inter-agency and intra-agency dynamics of BBMP; case studies in public problems, city politics, managing political campaigns and more
Field track: Individual and group exercises in home constituencies for participants to understand the complexity of public problems
Ex: Safety of women, Parking, Road repair , Waste management, and more
Kannada facilitation will be available at all sessions
Phase 2: On-field work 6 months Participants will be expected to:
– Create a vision for their ward
– Set up small office in their ward
– Identify and create a database of issues that exist in the ward
– Take up one major project/issue and work with stakeholders to create a positive outcome
– Network with people and assist them in solving other ward level civic issues
Monthly Stipend will be provided to participants.


B. CLIP seeks to encourage passionate and concerned citizens to enter public service with a view to creating a new cadre of civic leaders who will successfully drive and scale civic initiatives at the grass roots and create transformative change in our communities through good governance.

Advisory Board

We have been constantly engaging with the Advisory Board and will continue to do so during the course of the program. We have already received valuable inputs and suggestions from them for the program.

The Board is inclusive having representations from most of the political parties. Our advisory board includes:

Mr. Ashwin Mahesh, Karnataka State President, Loksatta
Mr. Narayan Ramachandran, Chairman, Inklude Labs
Mr. P.G.R. Sindhia, Karnataka State Working President, JD (S)
Mr. Prithvi Reddy, State Convener, Aam Aadmi Party
Mr. R.K.Misra, President, Nav Bharat Democratic Political Party
Prof. Rajeev Gowda, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
Mr. Suresh Kumar, MLA Rajajinagar, BJP
Ms. Shobha Karandlaje, Former Minister, Govt. of Karnataka, BJP
Ms. Tara Anuradha, MLC, BJP
Mr. K. Jairaj, Convenor, B.CLIP

Application Procedure

    The application form has 3 parts –

    • Part 1 of the application form (this part) is for information only
    • Part 2 of the application form is the main application form which needs to be filled by the applicant. There is also a section for 3 people to recommend the applicant for the program. This part must specifically be filled by the recommenders and not by the applicant
    • Part 3 of the application form is where the applicant will have to get 100 voters to back him/her for this program by capturing their names, contact numbers, voter IDs and signatures

For Online submissions –

  • The application will be available on the B.PAC website. All the details in part 2 of the application form need to be filled up except the recommendations. The recommendations along with part 3 of the application form (the 100 signed voter list) can either be scanned and uploaded or posted to the B.PAC Office

For Offline submissions –

    • The applications can be downloaded from the BPAC website or collected from BPAC office or the following places:
    • B.PAC No. 4/6, Ground Floor Millers Road Opp.
      Vikram Hospital Bangalore 560052,Tel#1- +91- 08041521797

  • If any organization would like to help us reach out to more applicants, please let us know by dropping an email to: and we will courier to you applications in both Kannada and English.
  • Part 1 of the application is for information only. Parts 2 and 3 of the application must be filled up. The filled up forms can either be scanned and uploaded or posted to the B.PAC office

Criteria for Applying

  • Should be eligible to vote for the BBMP election in their respective wards
  • Should not have been disqualified under law from contesting elections
  • Should not have any criminal cases against him / her and /or should not have been convicted in the court of law for serious offences
  • Should not have any cases against him/ her for molestation of women and children
  • Should produce a signed list of 100 voters from his/her ward backing him/her, with their names, contact numbers and voter ID numbers
  • Should have demonstrated track record of competency, integrity and self-worth
  • Should have demonstrated passion for civic activities and a track record of public service, preferably in the same ward


  • Anyone meeting the required criteria may apply
  • Women candidates are encouraged to apply
  • Existing corporators can also apply
  • Decision of the Selection Committee will be final


  • Q: Is there a fee for the program?
    A: Once selected for the program, a participant will have to pay a refundable deposit of Rs.5000/. This amount will be refunded on successful completion of the program. Financial assistance will be provided on a need basis for applicants who are not in a position to pay this amount.
    Q: If I successfully complete this program, will B.PAC endorse me in future?
    A: Endorsement of candidates by B.PAC is totally independent of this program.Q: Is this program affiliated to any university or institution? Will I be given any certification on completion of this program?
    A: This program is not affiliated to any university or institution. However, Takshashila will provide a certificate to candidates on successful completion of the program.Q. Should I have any specific educational qualification to apply for the program?
    A. There is no specific criteria for educational qualification. Any person can apply to the program as long as he/she meets all the criteria defined.Q. If I am not a registered voter of Bangalore, can I still apply to this program?
    A. This program is open only for registered voters of Bangalore.Q. Is there an age limit for applying to the program?
    A. There is no specific age limit for applying to the program. Any person can apply to the program as long as he/she meets all the criteria defined.

    Q. Where will the training be held?
    A. The training will be held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan located on Racecourse Road, Bangalore.


Class Room Training:
Name Topic covered
Bangalore City Mayor & Dy Mayor, Bangalore Police Commissioner, B.PAC Principals Need of Civic Leadership for Bangalore city and Inaugural session
Nitin Pai Introduction to Ward Action Plan
Nitin Pai Understanding Urbanisation
Pavan Srinath Municipal Ecosystem, Ward Analytics
Saurabh Chandra Municipal Ecosystem, Ward Analytics
Field work Getting familiar with the Ward and neighborhood
Mukul G Asher Basics of public finance
Mukul G Asher Principles of municipal budgeting
Mukul G Asher How to read BBMP budget
K Jairaj Understanding the BBMP ecosystem
Nitin Pai Need analysis & counting
Pavan Srinath Measurement
Nitin Pai Gap Analysis for WAP
Class presentation Class presentation
L V Sreerangaraju Road Management & contracts
Nitin Pai Who needs to do what
T.V.Mohan Das Pai Agenda for Bangalore
Kiran Majumdar Shaw Agenda for Bangalore
Political parties reps Panel discussion
Nitin Pai Economic reasoning
Karthik Shasidhar Economic reasoning
Team Field Track:Road management
Ashwin Mahesh Understanding BBMP’s finances
Nitin Pai Parking:Introduction to field track
Revathy Ashok BPAC activity around our pillars
Meera K Contemporary history of Bangalore
Kalpana Kar The BATF Experience
A Sivasankaran Ward level budgeting
Field work Getting familiar with the Ward and neighborhood
Sanjay Sridhar HSR Neighborhood Improvement Plan
Sita Shekhar A walkthrough of Bangalore Report Cards
Harish Bijoor Branding for a civic leader
K Jairaj Understanding BBMP Governance
Meena Sheshadri What is to be done
Pavan Srinath Ward Action Plan
Nitin Pai Field Track: Parking
Narendar Pani Impact of JNNURM on Bangalore
Harish Hande Performance centric change
Sujata Puranik Issues of feminism & women safety
Nandita Lakshmanan Persuation & Media Management
Bibek Debroy Ethics in public life
Mr. Raj Cherubal Urban rejuvenation – Successes from Chennai
Mr Rajamani Muthuchamy Project Tendersure
V Ravichandar GRR for BBMP – Case study: Garbage and Property tax reforms
Mr. Narayan Ramachandran Problem analysis and scaling
Mr. BN Vishwanath Managing Public Projects
Dr Samuel Paul ‘Serving the people.’
Mr CB Bhave ‘The interface between Politics and Administration.’
Mr. N S Ramakant Experiences on working with citizens on waste segregation
Policy workshop by Jay Panda Day long Policy Workshop
Suresh Moona History of Bangalore
Vasant shetty Kannada and city
Sridhar Pabbisetty Field track directions
Nitin Pai WAMP
Field Work:
On Field Project Stream Name of the Participant
Waste Management Ravikumar S
Kaveri Kedaranath
Sagar Satish
Shilpa Ashwathnarayan
Suresh Babu R
Anand Begur
Imran Pasha
Overall safety of ward Udaya Kumar R
Open Man hole, loose electric wires, potholes fixing, broken footpath,police night beat data, street light and women safety – communication and advocacy Harogoppada Eashwarappa
Water, Sanitation and Lake restoration
Revenue Augmentation and expenditure management in BBMP



Harish NRight to Information Act Session 2

Class Room Training:
Name Topic covered
BBMP Mayor, B.PAC Principals Inaugural Session
Nitin Pai Foundation class and Rule of Law
Avinash Gowda Political demographics of Bangalore
Pavan Srinath Government: from Union to Ward
Girisha B S Grounds-up Introduction to BBMP
Revathy Ashok and Sridhar Pabbisetty Introduction to Ward Project Planning and Garbage Managment
Nitin Pai Economic Reasoning 1 and WMAP – ‘Status and Needs Analysis’
Pavan Srinath Measurement of public Service
Pavan Srinath Gap Analysis
Girisha BS X-raying the BBMP
A Sivasankaran Participatory Planning and Budgeting – A Case study on the work done in Ward 60
Dr. Ashwin Mahesh Understanding the BBMP Budget
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Introduction the B.PAC and Agenda for Bangalore
T.V.Mohandas Pai Creating Civic Leaders for Bangalore City
Suresh Moona History of Bangalore
Nitin Pai Economic Reasoning
T.S. Subbaiah and Ravikumar S Who Needs to do What & stakeholder Analysis
K. Jairaj Understanding the Dynamics of BBMP
Harish N Right to Information Act Session 1
Prakash Belawadi Culture in a City
Field work Getting familiar with the Ward and neighborhood
V Ravichandar TenderSURE, road and public infrastructure management
Class presentation Waste Management
Sita Shekar Problem Solving in Local Governance
Class presentation Waste Management
Nitin Pai Public Finance and Parking management field track
Sharaschandra S N ‘Political Mobilization
Pavan Srinath Water and Water Pricing
Meera K Contemporary issues of Bangalore city
Naresh Narasimhan City and Real Estate
Nitin Pai Parking Management
Nitin Pai Ethics in Public Life
Class presentation WMAP
Class presentation WMAP

Contact Details

Office Address:
B.PAC No. 4/6, Ground Floor Millers Road Opp. Vikram Hospital Bangalore 560052
Tel#1- +91- 08041521797
Email –

Call us anytime from 10:00 am – 06:00 pm on weekdays
Collect applications from our office 24/7 on all days