BPAC will seek to achieve its goals through concerted strategic interventions. The Constitution, law and process of public administration broadly define the framework within which our democracy operates, and therefore our interventions will focus on these.

  • Support voter registration efforts to maximize people’s participation in democracy.
  • Establish an Agenda for Bangalore, which is inclusive, and for the benefit of all Bangaloreans.
  • Establish a steady stream of outreach and communication to all citizens, to whom the agenda of BPAC can be communicated, and whose support can be channeled to further the Agenda.
  • Engagement with the political leadership of all parties, to seek to further the Agenda for Bangalore.
  • Provide financial support to candidates contesting BBMP council seats, the 27 Assembly seats in BBMP areas, and the MP seats from Bangalore, who support the Agenda for Bangalore.
  • Develop and maintain a program of informing voters about BPAC-supported candidates in elections, and recommend that they vote for them.
  • Espouse legal processes necessary to further the Agenda for Bangalore.