The Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) presents the results of an independent survey done by Daksh, “Bangalore MLAs: Performance and Perceptions”. This is in fulfilment of its commitment to monitor the performance of MLAs made to Bangaloreans last year.

The study is about voter perceptions and is based on interviews done with 4167 residents across the 28 constituencies of Bangalore city. It covers what constituents think of their MLAs’ performance on 25 key parameters.


Overall 41% felt that the governance in their constituency had improved.

When asked to rank different attributes in terms of importance, there was very little difference in the priorities stated by gender, age and education, showing homogeneity of priorities across demographic segments.

The average rating (out of 10) for political parties was as follows:

  • Congress (13 constituencies): 5.30
  • BJP (12 constituencies): 5.53
  • JDS (3 constituencies): 5.94

Not surprisingly, the attribute on which most candidates received a low rating was on “preventing corruption” indicating an overall cynicism with politics amongst the citizens!

B.PAC has selected 11 parameters aligned to its priorities and we present below the highlights of voter perceptions based on our agenda for good governance. The parameters selected are:


    • Roads
    • Public transport
    • Traffic congestion
    • Pedestrian and cyclist access

Public Land

        • Encroachment
        • Unauthorised construction
        • Slum clearance


            • Drinking water
            • Electric Supply

Security for women


We are sure that our elected representatives will benefit from this study of people’s perceptions.

We hope that citizens will use the survey results to hold their elected representatives accountable.

Scores on 11 parameters identified by B.PAC

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25 Parameters studied by Daksh.