The Bangalore Political Action Committee is established to promote a good quality of life for all citizens of Bangalore City.

  • To promote and sustain good governance practices and policies for the economic competitiveness, social well-being and inclusive growth of the city.
  • To promote integrity and transparency in all arms of the government and to enhance the image of Bangalore.
  • To improve the quality of infrastructure in the city, based on global high standards.
  • To identify and support strong candidates for public offices at all levels of governance from Bangalore city – city council, legislature, and parliament. BPAC is agnostic to the political affiliation of candidates, and will focus only on their alignment to the specific agenda of BPAC itself.
  • To create a safer city where the rule of law is ensured for all.



pdf Agenda for BPAC – English
pdf Agenda for BPAC – kannada
pdf BPAC Charter – English
pdf BPAC Charter – kannada
pdf BPAC Presentation